5 Best Online Mobile Recharging Sites 2016

Best Online Recharge sites : India being one of the fastest growing market has seen a huge increase in the sale of smartphones in last couple of years. Along with this, there has also been a significant rise in the number of people preferring online recharge websites to top up their sim cards. Well, there have a fierce competition going on between online recharging sites since most of them have basked the consumers and are looking out to steal from their competitors. We being the consumers are often confused when it comes to hold hand of one of the online recharging sites. Hence, we are here to share with your the 5 best online prepaid mobile recharging sites, that will definitely pave the way for you.

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Online recharging has it’s own benefits and convenience. All you need is a reliable internet connection to make an online prepaid recharge. Most people prefer online prepaid recharge as it eliminates the need of going out to a retail store and gives you lease from any kind of physical effort. Moreover, it is damn simple to be done by a person who knows how to operate the smartphone. To promote this online recharge culture, cash backs and discounts are regularly offered by these online recharge websites to attract customers. In any case, its a win-win situation for the consumers.

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5 Best Online Prepaid Mobile Recharging Sites 2016 | Best Online Recharge Websites

Best Online Recharge sites 2016


Paytm stays one of the oldest and established websites which offers online prepaid recharges. In fact, PayTm is no more just a website now and is one of the leading companies hiring top notch graduates across the country. PayTm claims the transactions with over 80 million consumers in India and we don’t have any reason to doubt it. Be it Idea, Reliance, Vodafone, Airtel or any damn sim card company, you can recharge your sim card with any available schemes being offered by your provider from PayTm. You can even recharge your DTH and data cards on PayTm. Lately, PayTm has also stepped into the tracks of Amazon and Flipkart by allowing various products to be sold.


Freecharge may have entered this arena after PayTm, but it has acquired huge popularity in very less time. Being a user of Freecharge, I would give all the credits to the developer who have constructed a highly interactive and simple to use interface, both on the website and app. You can use Freecharge for the online prepaid recharge, DTH recharge, pay electricity bills, recharge you digital setup box, and many services like split pay have been added lately. There are many promo codes available which you can use on Freecharge to get regular discounts and cashbacks. Apart from these, periodically Freecharge ties up with different MNCs’ McDonalds, Dominos, etc for attractive offers.

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Mobiwik is again one of the popular websites for recharging your prepaid sim card. It offers recharge for almost every provider and you can avail the recharge from any corner of the country. The users can load money in the MobiWallet and then use it for recharging. Every now and then the company rolls out promo codes for discounts and thereby attracting consumers. If you haven’t ever heard about Mobiwik, let me tell you that it already has 15+ million registered users. The services by Mobiwik are quite smooth and the payment procedure is completely safe. Mobiwik can be accessed via website, or mobile application on android, iOS and Windows.


Though I’d never heard of this website before doing the research for this article, but when I actually used it I might start considering it as a regular companion for online prepaid recharge. The website however needs a lot to be worked upon with the design and interface. But, the functionalities have not been compromised upon. You can rely on RechargeItNow for you prepaid mobile recharges anytime. It has more than 62 Ecommerce partner which will offer you various discounts on every recharge on the website. You can use the website for processing online recharge on RechargeItNow or download the mobile application.

Easy Mobile Recharge

Easy Mobile Recharge is yet another website where you can top up your prepaid sim card online. All the major sim card providers are listed here. Apart from online prepaid recharge, you can even get done with your DTH recharge, data card recharge and even pay your post paid bill online. Free coupons for cashbacks and discounts are available on the website. The website may not look very well in terms of looks and the user interface is also not so attractive. But you can surely count on Easy Mobile Recharge when nothing works and you need to do an online recharge.

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Online prepaid recharges are the trend of the town. This is because of the many advantages which follows with it. Apart from just getting your online recharges done, you can actually save a lot of money if you recharge your mobile wisely on online recharging sites. Gone is the era when you had to plead in front of the retail store owners for discounts. The tables have turned and consumer is the king now. You will be served with myriad of discount offers due to fierce competition among the online recharging sites.

Hence, you can leverage maximum out of this scenario and enjoy the perks of being a consumer. Let me get you acquainted with some the things you should keep in mind before recharging your mobile online. First of all, always look for a coupon which will fetch you maximum cashback or discount depending upon your recharge amount. Visit these Best Online Recharge sites regularly as they keep hosting a different kind of discount offers every now and then. Don’t ever miss any special holiday or festive season, this is the time you can hit the nail hardest. You can avail as much as 50% cashback if you’re active enough to find such offers.

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