5 Best Sites To Watch TV Shows Online For Free

Best Sites To Watch TV Shows Online 2016: TV series are talk of the town all over the internet and social media. With highly popular TV series like Game Of Thrones, Breading Bad, Suits, etc release their episodes every week, people are going gaga over the twists and turns in these episodes. Most people would try ans search for sites to watch TV shows online for free as soon as the episode for the same is released. Some people also prefer for download TV shows episodes. However, watching TV shows online is a good option is you’ve a good internet connection. After all its totally free to watch TV shows online on websites. But, all this is possible only if you’re aware of best sites to watch TV shows online for free.

5 Best Sites To Watch TV Shows Online For Free

Best Sites To Watch TV Shows Online

TV series now a days are very popular among the teenagers who run around like crazy people as soon as a new episode of their favourite TV series roll out. We are here to present you a list of best websites to watch TV series online for free. These websites host a wide range of TV series online. If you’re a fan of something like Game Of Thrones and Flash, you’ll definitely find all the seasons and episodes of them on these websites listed below. Only if you’re one of the people who watches a really obscure TV show which is not so popular, then you may not find it on these websites. Apart from watching your favourites TV shows online for free, you can even discover new TV shows on these websites.

Best Streaming TV Shows Websites 2016 : Watch HD TV Shows Online


One of the best sites to watch TV shows online is Cucirca. Once you open the websites, you will find a schedule of next to be released episodes of the TV series. You can keep a track of your favorite TV show by visiting this website regularly. It will also show you the recently released episodes of various TV shows online. You can search the name of TV show you want to watch in the top right corner where the search box is located. You can even make a watchlist and then complete it whenever you get time. All the episodes are available to watch in HD quality. The website is also designed well to make it attractive.


This is another good website to tune into your favorite TV shows online for free. On the homepage, the most popular TV shows are listed. So if you/re looking for any one of them you can directly hop on them. You can even check out some of them for the first time to give yourself a different taste of TV series. You can also search the name of TV series in the search box on the top. Once you select one of the TV shows from the results, all the seasons along with all it’s episodes will be listed below. Now you can simply select any one which you desire to watch online for free.

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This is an interesting website to watch TV shows online because of the way it displays the TV shows on the homepage. The TV shows on the homepage are displayed according to the ones which have been updated lately. For instance, the TV series which has released a new episode most recently will the listed first and likewise. So you can be sure that if a new episode of your favorite TV series has been released just now, then it will be there on the first page. But, one thing which might irritate you is that there is no search box to quickly find a TV show to watch online for free. However, there is an alphabetical list of TV series where you can find the one you”re looking for.


Vodlocker is a multi talented website which includes all the TV shows and movies as well. You will find almost every TV shows available online to watch for free. All the videos, be it movies or TV shows are available to watch in HD quality. You can also check the schedule of TV shows to find out when the episodes will be released for specific TV show. Just enter the name of TV series which you want to watch in the search box and select one from the results. You can even select the section “TV shows” from the top to see only TV shows on the page and avoid movies.


Last but not the least, Shush.se looks like one of the premium websites to watch TV shows online. You’ll surely fall in live with the website after you open it for the first time. The most popular TV shows along with their posters are listed on the homepage. You will most probably find the TV shows you’re looking for in first two page downs. Once you open a link of TV shows, all the episodes from the first season will be listed. You can simply select on of them and start watching the TV show online for free in HD quality. There is no need to sign up and log in, you can be a guest visitor and still access everything right away.

So here we come to the end of our list. The motive of providing this list of best sites to watch TV shows online for free is to save you some time in looking for these in the first place. Most of these websites don’t show any creepy ads and hamper your experience. Hence, you can quickly skim through these websites and find yourself the episode to watch. You can even check out our article of free movie streaming websites 2016.

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