6 Best Free Movie Download Sites 2016 – Without Registration

Free Movie Download Sites 2016: Movies have been deep rooted when it comes to the topic of entertainment. Even before internet came into existence, movies played a vital role as a source of entertainment in the lives of people. It holds the same today, but with increased flexibility. Today, if you decide to watch a movie online, you have various choices. Either you can buy movie tickets to watch it in theatre, or you can subscribe for it on your digital box and watch it on TV, or you can follow the internet way. On internet, you’ve got two choices to watch movies online. First one is to watch movies online streaming, or you can download movies online and then watch them on your system later on when you get time. If you’re inclined towards the second option, that is downloading movies online, then you’re bound to have a good list of movie download sites 2016 without registration.

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Lately I’ve seen that many people who used to watch movies online streaming, have showed the willingness to shift to the other option and rather download movies online. The reason being that, most of them do not get enough time of 2-3 hours at a stretch to watch a movie. And trust me, it becomes very difficult to hunt down the same spot in the movie where you left while online movie streaming. Instead, if you download movies from internet, you’ll have them right in your file explorer and you can access them at any instant without any hassle. One more reason why I would not recommend watch movies online streaming is that not all of you might have a lightning fast internet speed enough to save you from buffering. It would be a horrible experience if I were to watch a movie and it buffered every now and then regularly. Hence, we have compiled a list of the best free movie download sites 2016 without registration where you can catch up your favourite movies quickly.

6 Best Free Movie Download Sites 2016 – Without Registration

Movie Download Sites

Torrent Sites (Eg : Kat.ph)

This had to be the first on the list. Torrent sites are presumably the best and most preferred source for downloading movies online. You are sure to get the best quality movies here. Not only that, you will find them first on the internet here. There is no need of registration. You can simply search for the movie you want and pick up the best file for that depending upon your requirement eg: HD RIP, 720p, 1080p, etc. Just make sure that it has enough seeds to reap you a good downloading speed. You will also need a torrent client like BitTorrent to download these torrent files.


MyDownloadTube is yet another great source for downloading movies. It has almost all genres of movies listed for downloads. You can even watch the movie streaming if you wish to. From Hollywood to Bollywood you will find all the popular movies here. You don’y need to register necessarily for downloading movies, you can simply open the movie from the list and click the download button on the page. However, you can make an account if you’re impressed with website, which will make you receive all the latest updates about MyDownloadTube.

The Movie Tube (www.themovietube.cc)

You will be mesmerised after opening this website for very first time. This movie downloading site looks really elegant and keeps you hooked as it has the most popular movies stocked on the homepage itself. Not only movies, you will also find all kinds of TV series here which you can either watch online or download. On the top right corner is a search box which you can use for finding your choice of entertainment. You can even search for movies via genres. There is no feature of registration and you are free to download anything as a guest.

Movie Plus (www.movieplus.cc)

This movie downloading site is not so attractive but rather a simple one. There are all the genres like action, romance, thriller, sci-fi, etc listed on the homepage itself. You can even search for movies alphabetically from A-Z. Just like the movie tube, you will also find TV series here. There is also a search box which allows you to input the name of the movie and get the list accordingly. Most of the movies available here are good in video quality. The website is updated with new movie periodically.

Tube+ (www.tubeplus.is)

Tube+ is one of the most premium movie downloading website available on internet. You will find the most popular movies listed on the homepage along with their summary and reviews. You will have the option to either watch them online or download. All the download links for the movies are legit and working. Scanning through movies and TV series is simple because of easy interface. You can even search for movies by the year in which it was released. The website looks fairly good to work with.

Popcornfilx (www.popcornflix.com)

Popcornflix is yet another website to download movies. You can choose from various categories like comedy, drama, documentaries, etc which are listed on the homepage. The new arrivals sections consists of the latest movies uploaded. In case if you fail to find the search box, then it is available on the top right corner. It is small enough to be skipped from the eyesight of many. The movies are available to watch in HD quality and streaming is very smooth.

So with this we come to an end to our list of movie download sites without registration. Though there are many such sites available on the internet for downloading movies online, but most of them will just eat up your time before they serve you the original download link. Hence, I would recommend you to follow the above list of movie downloading sites without registration as we have tried to include the websites which don’t waste your time. They will rather get you to the download link in merely 2-3 mouse clicks. So I hope you have a good time watching and downloading movies online over the weekend or whenever you get time. If you face any surveys while downloading movies online, you can check our article which will help you to bypass online surveys.

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