15 Best Free Proxy Server Sites List To Access Block Sites At Home And Office

Best Free Proxy Server Sites List : Internet usages has mixed in our blood and taken the control over us like an autocrat. Now this autocrat gets offended whenever it encounters a blocked website problem while surfing. More often than not, this problem of blocked website has to be related with the region you live in. The government of your region or country might have purposely barred the citizens from accessing a bunch of websites. In other cases, this website blocked problem might have to do with the place from where you are trying to gain access of a particular website. For instance, some organisations like office, workplace, school and universities usually block websites at first hand to keep the people associated with them away from them for some reasons. But, we however just cannot digest these reasons in any case and want to access blocked sites at home, office, school or anywhere for that matter.

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Technically speaking, the internet technology has steeped to a level, that it nearly impossible to prevent a student or employee from keeping their hands off any website. Although against the rules of the particular organisation, it is certainly possible to access these blocked websites with the help of Proxy Server Sites. Now, what are these proxy server sites and why would someone look for free proxy server sites? In terms of layman, proxy server sites is just similar to you requesting your brother or a friend to get your work done from a person who would never agree to you at the first place. Technically, the organisation tracks your IP address and any request for access to a blocked website coming from you IP address will not be acknowledged. So, you ask a proxy server site to do the work for you. The proxy server site will request the access to website on your behalf with a different IP address that does not exist in the database of the organisation. Hence, the IP will bypass the protection and get access to the blocked website and server you the same. and you can check how to Bypass Surveys Online Sites in 2016.

15 Best Free Proxy Server Sites List To Access Block Sites At Home And Office

Best Free Proxy Server Sites List

Now that you understand the use of proxy server sites, you should definitely look out for some best free proxy server sites. Why free? Well, considering the quality and magnitude of the problem these proxy sites solve and the risk they takes for you, their fee for the same is very high. They make sure that they serve your request every time for the money you pay them. But, if you want to leverage this service of free proxy server sites 2016 you gotta loosen the belt of quality. The free proxy sites would work just fine and have their limitations. But unless you’re not on a mission to save the world, you can do really fine with these free proxy server list 2016. Now don’t get tired already as you will have to find a list of good free proxy server sites, which actually work and are not a bunch hoax. No? Well, we have already done the work for you and prepared the list of best free proxy server sites [Working] for you.


Hidester is on of such websites which will let you access any blocked website on the internet. Whether you’re a student or an employee trying to access Facebook from the school or office, or a person in a country which has taken all the porn websites down. You can simply put the URL in box, and surf the internet like a free bird with no borders. Hidester is extremely well designed website and it’s very easy to work with it.


FilterByPass is a website which is a hub of web proxies. You can use this website to surf across the internet anonymously. This website will help you to trespass any blocked websites and get you the key to those locked doors. Moreover, your original IP address and other confidential credentials are completely secured while you’re browsing internet using FilterByPass proxies. Though being free, FilterByPass is one of the best proxy websites to rely on.


When it comes to surfing the web anonymously without any hassle for free, Proxy.org is one of the most preferred options. It has the capability to jump over any network which have blocked websites. Apart from the web proxy, the website also provides a VPN service. The VPN service also helps to keep you data secured on the internet. The website is equipped with a huge number of proxies which can be used for free to access locked websites. Just input the web address in the URL bar and that’s it.

Hide My Ass

Hide My Ass is probably of the websites I’ve been using since I first felt the need to use proxies. You can stream around the web anonymously for free. Hide My Ass is actually a premium websites which offer many such premium services like premium proxies, premium VPN, etc. But a normal user like us can still use the free services and browse the blocked websites time an now.

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Some other Best Free Proxy Server List 2016

  1. Proxify
  2. Unblocker
  3. NewIPNow
  4. FastUSAProxy
  5. BlewPass
  6. Anonymouse
  7. kProxy
  8. HiddenDigitalInfo
  9. VPNBrowse
  10. VTunnel

Apart from the above list, there many more best Free Proxy Server Sites 2016 which you can use for free and roam around on Internet. But let me warm you guys that you should use proxy websites carefully because there maybe a chance the the proxy server website you’re using might be an impostor and actually does more harm than good to you. We have made sure that all the websites above are completely safe and you can use them without any fear. I would also suggest that if you’re an often user of web proxies, it’s a high time to consider buying them as they would yield better results.

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