How To Cancel Netflix Account Membership Subscription Online For Free

Cancel your Netflix account : Netflix is one of the most popular things online. It is very popular among youth as it is the stop hub to access all the latest TV Shows, Movies, Videos and a lot more entertaining stuff. But there is one issue for people who don’t have a good pocket money. Netflix is a premium service and you will have to shell out a considerable amount of money to subscribe to it’s service. Many times people happen to subscribe to the Netflix service, but after some time they don’t prefer it any more. Then they look out to cancel Netflix membership account online for free, obviously who is going to charge us for that! Check also How to Recover Data from SD Card.

How To Cancel Netflix Account Membership Subscription Online For Free

Cancel Netflix Account Membership Subscription Online For Free

The moot point here it that you want to get rid of the Netflix membership account but can figure it out how to do so. Well, for those who might be wondering why would someone cancel a Netflix Membership, let me tell you guys that now a days there are many apps like Netflix available to download for free. These apps offer more or less the same service like Netflix but don’t charge you even a penny. Hence, if you’re one of those people who have found an economical alternative to Netflix, we are here to answer you question of how to cancel Netflix membership account online for free.

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Well, to let you know the other side of the story, cancelling your Netflix subscription may also lead to be a disastrous decision. If you’re already a premium member of Netflix, you’re already in their eyes and you’ve surely gained some loyalty points. These will be redeemed in the for of regular discounts you’ll receive. So if you have any more budget to avail the Netflix subscription, I wouldn’t advice you to cancel Netflix membership account. However, if you’ve already made up your mind for the same, then follow the steps we’ve mentioned below to cancel Netflix membership account online.

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How To Cancel Netflix Account or Cancel Netflix Subscription Membership Account Online [7 Steps]

  1. First of all hop on to Netflix and log into you membership account to cancel it.
  2. On the top right corner, you will see an option called “Your Account”.
  3. Click that and you’ll be redirected to your accounts control.
  4. Under you account preferences, you’ll easily spot the “Cancel Membership” option.
  5. Once you click that, some information will be displayed mentioned the effects of cancelling the membership account.
  6. Just ignore them and select “Complete Cancellation”.
  7. In no time your Netflix Membership account will get cancelled.

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Well, now you have successfully cancelled you membership account online from Netflix, which is a premium website to stream movies online. You can even stream TV shows online if you’re a premium account holder of Netflix. Meanwhile, you can also check some of the best alternatives for Netflix like Cinemabox, Showbox, etc which are absolutely free to use. It is very easy to download these apps and you can start using them within few minutes of installation. Though you can’t expect them to deliver a service like Netflix in terms of speed and efficiency, but you sure will be surprised by checking out their level of collection, which is almost at par with that of Netflix. Anyways, if you find any difficulty in following the steps above, then comment down below and we will solve your problem as soon as we can. Enjoy!

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