How To Join/Change A Team In Pokemon Go [Answered]

Pokemon Go was release almost a week ago in a few selected countries. People have not been able to close the game for even a second since then. Pokemon Go involves various activities. Catching Pokemon is one of them. However, an important activity has to be done after you start playing Pokemon Go which matters a lot in long run. Join a team in Pokemon Go. Yes, trust me when I say, it is really important to choose a team in Pokemon Go wisely. You should not regret later. Many people right now ho have chosen a team randomly search for how to change team in Pokemon Go. If you haven’t found any answer yet, we will answer it for you.

join a team in pokemon go

Pokemon Go Teams are actually made to divide the people all around the world into three teams. Player in the same team will share many perks. You will have yourself discover of being in a team in Pokemon Go. Let us discuss what these teams are in Pokemon Go.

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The three teams in Pokemon Go are Team Mystic, Team Valor & Team Instinct or Team Blue, Team Red & Team Yellow respectively. Now, all the three teams have a legendary Pokemon associated with them. For Team Blue or Mystic it’s Articuno, for Team Red or Valor it’s Zapdos & for Team Instinct or Yellow, it’s Moltres. Now, it does not mean that you’ll receive these legendary Pokemon if you join the respective teams. It’s just that your team has mascot Pokemon. However, you don’t know what future holds.

How To Join A Team In Pokemon Go?

Now, how to join team in Pokemon Go? First of all, you need to reach a level of 5 as a Pokemon Trainer. It is the threshold level in order to be able to choose a team in Pokemon Go. Consider that you’ve reached level 5 in Pokemon Go. Now the next task is to find the nearest Pokemon Gym. Once, you reach the nearest Pokemon Gym and tap on it, you’ll be greeted by the 3 people. These 3 people are nobody but the faces of three teams in Pokemon Go. Each of them will convince you to join their team.

pokemon go teams

You are supposed to analyze whatever the three of they propose and then make a decision. In fact you can even go with the team which your friends belong to. As I said the same team Pokemon trainers will share some benefits. So, just make a decision of which team to join in Pokemon Go. Select one of the team in the Pokemon Gym and your color of game will change to either Blue, Red or Yellow. This shows that you now represent either a Blue team, Red team or Yellow team.

How To Change Teams In Pokemon Go?

Now, coming to the question how can you change your team in Pokemon Go. Unfortunately, you can not change team in Pokemon Go once you’ve made your choice. I know you might have made a mistake, but you’ve to bear the consequences. However, I would like to suggest that if you’re still on level 5, start all over. It won’t take much time to get back to level 5 if you play more often. If you don’t feel like starting from scratch, then I suppose the only option you have is to continue with the current team. It won’t make much a difference, you’ll just have to find more people who belong to your team. You’ll get to meet new strangers. Look at the positive side. So don’t be dishearten and enjoy playing Pokemon Go!

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