Download Pokemon Go For Android & iOS [ANYWHERE]

Pokemon is back in everybody’s life after many years. Pokemon Go is the new augmented reality game which is taking the world to it’s corner. Everybody is looking to download Pokemon Go for android and Pokemon Go for iOS. But, Pokemon Go has not been released worldwide as of now. Only handful of countries are given access to download Pokemon Go on android and iOS. However, people from the countries where Pokemon Go has not been released are willing to download Pokemon Go any how. So, we will help you download Pokemon Go for iOS and android, anywhere in the world.

download pokemon go android

Download Pokemon Go For Android Anywhere In The World

For everyone who resides in a country where Pokemon Go has been released, can easily download Pokemon Go. You just need to search Pokemon Go on the Google play store and install the game. However, if Pokemon Go has not been released in your country, then you won’t find Pokemon Go in the play store. In that case, you can follow the steps below to download Pokemon Go android even if it has not been released in your country.

  1. Search for Aptoide in Google and download Aptoide app.
  2. Open Aptoide app and search for Pokemon Go in the Aptoide app store.
  3. You will find Pokemon Go in the results.
  4. Download and install Pokemon Go.
  5. Start the game and begin your hunt for Pokemon Go.

Download Pokemon Go For iOS Anywhere In The World

Pokemon Go is available for download in the iOS App Store for everyone living in countries like US, Australia, etc. It is because Pokemon Go has been released in these countries. But if you’re living in India, Singapore, Malaysia or any other country, then Pokemon Go will not be available for download in your iOS App Store. So, it you still want to download Pokemon Go in iPhone, then follow the steps below.

  1. Create a new Apple ID from the official website of Apple.
  2. While creating the Apple ID, enter your country as US.
  3. Complete the Apple ID and verify it from the email.
  4. Now go to the iOS app store in iPhone.
  5. Log out of the current Apple ID.
  6. Login with the new Apple ID you just create.
  7. Now search for Pokemon Go and you’ll find the game.
  8. Download and install Pokemon Go in iPhone.

Wasn’t that really simple. It takes just a few minutes to escape the boundaries created by the developers of Pokemon Go. You can download Pokemon Go easily on android and iOS by following the procedure given above. Pokemon Go is highly popular game and you don’t want to be left behind in any way. So download Pokemon Go right now and start catching Pokemon everywhere. If you’ve encountered any error while playing Pokemon Go, then comment below. We will try our best to solve you problem and help you play Pokemon Go in a better way. Enjoy!

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