Ebay Fee Calculator 2016 : Calculate your Ebay Profits

Ebay Fee Calculator  2016 :- Calculate your eBay fees before you put your item for sale on this global online market place! Here is a guiding write-up to help you know the best possible and most near to accurate cost you would incur while selling your particular item on ebay.com. We have listed all the costs and fees you need to consider before you place your sale here. The tool known as eBay fee calculator lets sellers to find out approximate how much a listing for sell will cost depending upon the breakdown of discounts, pricing, upgrades and other fees charged by ebay and PayPal. The eBay fees calculator will help you to know how much cost to anticipate while selling any particular item.

Ebay Fee Calculator 2016 : Calculate your Ebay Profits

Ebay Fee Calculator

If you are thinking of selling anything on eBay, you need to work out all the fees you would incur including the PayPal fees. As, when you receive payment through PayPal, you are charged certain percentage of your total sale which is around 3.9% and it is lowered for the larger sales. As you go on further with this post, you will be discovering all the costs, fees and charges which will be levied on your sale directly or as hidden costs. Calculating total ebay fees can be confusing and hence sometimes you may end up selling your item less than the price at which you should sell.

How to Use Ebay Fee Calculator

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Ebay normally charges 30 cents for listing as insertion fees for each listing and 10% of the sale value on the selling transaction.  The final capped value is US$ 750/-. First 20 listings of any seller are free of insertion charges.

Here are the three types of ebay fees:

  1. Insertion fees (30 cents per listing) – Insertion fees apply after first 20 listings are placed by a seller. However, antiques and collectibles do not attract insertion fees.
  2. Ebay final value fee (10% of the sale value)
  3. Ebay listing upgrade fees like Advance listing upgrade fees, promoted listing fees and supplement service fees which are charged by ebay on listings which are customized or promoted for greater visibility of your listing on the ebay.com

This fee calculator is meant for calculating an estimate of ebay fee on your listing and does not include all the applicable fees that will be incurred during the process of listing your item till receive payment from the buyer. However this ebay fee calculator will be give you nearest rough estimate which can be further used by adding up the additional fees like PayPal fees, eBay motor fees, ebay real estate fees as applicable.

In spite of not rendering you the exact cost you would go through while selling, this calculating tool will let you know the total charges that will include ebay insertion fees, ebay final value fees and ebay listing upgrades fees. Rest fees like shipping, PayPal fees can be worked out on the cost or ebay fees arrived with help of the online calculator available at the above link.

The PayPal transaction fees are set for selling on ebay at 3.9% + 0.30 US$

PayPay may change their transaction fees from time to time and hence we recommend you to keep a check on it at paypal.com before you work out any of your listing. However, if your volume of monthly transaction through PayPal increases, you may get qualified for the lower PayPal rates.

Final Ebay Fee Calculator with Paypal fee calculation

Lately, ebay has started charging a flat percentage on auction as well on buy it now types, due to which there is no need to select a specific style or category of auction. You can also download free final ebay fee calculator on your mobiles from Playstore.

This above final ebay fee calculator app will also allow you to calculate your profits you would gain from your specific ebay sales after break down of fees of ebay, paypal fees. Your net profit will be calculated depending on your selling price, shipping cost and any discounts if applicable.

Ebay fee calculator can be an extremely useful tool for sellers on ebay. Sellers can list any kind of item on ebay through auction-type listing or buy-it-now option. While the auction type listing allows seller to accept bids from buyer, Buy-it-now option allows buyers to buy the item at once at a fixed price. Besides ebay fee calculator, PayPal fee calculator is also used by sellers to know the applicable charges on their transaction as they receive the payments through PayPal on their ebay selling. Online PayPal fee calculating tools are also available to work out your PayPal fee on specific transaction of sending or receiving money through paypal.com.

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