Fix Memory Card Error Recovery – How to Recover Data from SD Card

Fix Memory Card Error Recovery: We live in a wonderful world gifted to us by the almighty. Capturing magnificent moments in our day to day life has now become a habit. This has been possible due to the presence of a camera in smartphones, advanced digital cameras and high tech DSLRs. Though the backbone of any camera is a memory card which helps to store these captured pictures and then let us access them when needed. Using and retrieving photos from a memory card is very simple. But you may sometimes land in a situation when you face a memory card error and at that exact moment you will think of a way for memory card error recovery. You would want to somehow fix memory card error or recover data after memory card error.

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Now a days, the memory cards available for cameras are highly spacious as they allow you to store thousands of photos with crystal clear picture quality. These memory cards are structured to store the data efficiently and utilise every inch of the memory. But at the end, these memory cards are nothing but electronic device. There are just as much prone to technical errors as your smartphone or laptop. Hence, your memory card may get corrupted any time without your knowledge. In this situation, you need to resist yourself from panicking and not take any decision which you might regret.

Fix Memory Card Error Recovery – Corrupted Memory Card Recovery

Memory Card Error

But, how will you know that the memory card has been corrupted and you need to take certain measures to get it fixed. Well, if at any instance you’re not able to open and explore the contents of your memory card in PC, or you are getting any message to format your memory card, then this is an indication that your memory card has been corrupted. Don’t take this issue lightly as it could lead to put your data in jeopardy. You might even loose on the data in the memory card as they get flushed due to corruption. We are here to help you tackle this hurdle and get back your memory card to use safely.

In order to recover the data from your corrupted memory card, we would recommend you to use a software named, EaseUS Card Recovery Wizard. This software is adept at extracting the data stuck inside a memory card which is no longer accessible. Till now, I haven’t come across any other software which has the capability save your data in such a pernicious situation. With the help of EaseUS Card Recovery Wizard, you can recover all your data including music, videos, audio files, images, documents and other content from your memory card which now shows an error while being accessed.

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If you search on the internet, you will surely find many such product who will claim to untangle this mystery of data being hijacked by the memory card error. But, trust me none of them will actually work out and solve your problem. EaseUS Card Recovery Wizard is one of the software of the EaseUS brand which has been developing quality software ever since. Be it any memory card, EaseUS Card Recovery Wizard an work upon it any snatch your data from it even after it gets corrupted. So let us now see how you can use EaseUS Card Recovery Wizard to execute the memory card error recovery.

Memory Card Error Recovery – How to Recover Data from SD Card

  1. First of all you need to insert the memory card into your system, laptop/PC. You can use a memory card reader for the same.
  2. Just make sure that your laptop/PC detects the memory card and a disk drive for the same appears in the My Computer.
  3. Now you will need the EaseUS Card Recovery Wizard. You can either install the trail version with limited features and use it for sometime, or buy the premium version of the software.
  4. Once you’re done installing the software, open it.
  5. You will see the “Deep Scan” option which you need to click.
  6. The process will start and your memory card will be scanned for all the lost and trapped data inside it.
  7. After the scan is completed, the preview of all the recovered data will be display.
  8. You can select the data from the list which you wish to retrieve.
  9. Once you select the data and proceed ahead, it will be restore in your system and hence you will get back your precious data.
  10. Now you can simply format the memory card and start using it again without any issues.

I hope this process works for you. But take note of the fact that you may be able to recover all the data if you’re using the EaseUS Card Recovery Wizard trial version. You can buy the premium version of the software if you deal with this situation often and your work depends on it largely. So this is how the memory card error recovery works and you can leverage this method to solve the same. You can even check our article where we have described the solution to recover the password of memory card if you don’t remember it anymore.

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