[6 Ways] How To Bypass Surveys Online Sites 2016

Bypass online survey sites 2016 : Internet is full of knowledge and useful stuff. If used properly it can make your life easier like never before. To pacify our demands of downloading various documents, files related to different arenas, we the internet buffs are always roaming around online. Though, it occurs very often that we land ourselves in a situation where we are required to complete online surveys for downloading. These online surveys for downloading would usually consist of tasks like registering on a specific website, downloading an app, buying something online, etc. Let me inform you that all these activities are designed merely to make money out of your curiosity to download that file.

These online surveys are nothing more than a targeted technique to fetch some good amount of cash by the publishers. Due to the proliferating rate at which these online surveys are taking over the internet, there has to a solution to bypass surveys online for downloading files. Fortunately, there are some really smart ways using which you can simply bypass online surveys for downloading files in 2016. We are here to share with you the best tricks available in the town for this purpose of bypassing online surveys. Take a look at them below and get rid of those irritating online surveys for downloading right now.

6 Ways to bypass Online surveys

How To Bypass Surveys Online Sites

It is more likely that you will be prompted to complete an online survey if you happen to land on the sites mentioned below for downloading anything. These websites are dedicated on possessing files which are exclusive and not easily available anywhere. Hence, it becomes very easy for them to spur the emotions among the users to complete the survey, as they would be served with the files which is not available anywhere. More often than not, you will be presented with a form to insert various details such as name, email, etc. Be ready to find your email box overflowing if you’ve filled such forms. This is the only reason why we want you to skip online surveys for downloading. You credentials will be exploited to the best level and you will irritated with humongous spam emails. Brace yourselves if you ever decide to input your correct phone number.

  1. Dollar upload
  2. Cleanfiles
  3. Fileice
  4. Sharecash

Proven Methods To Bypass Surveys Online For Downloading

  1. Using Inspect Element

I don’t know if you’re a programmer or not, but this simple programming tip will serve you a delightful experience while downloading files online. Whenever you are surfing on internet and you find something written like “Subscribe to unlock content” or anything on your screen, this method will save you. Make sure you’re using a browser which supports developer tools, for instance Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Now simply right click on the box which indicates such survey and select “Inspect Element”. A small window with lot of code will appear in the lower part of the screen. Whenever you hover over any line of code in that small window, corresponding object will be highlighted on the screen. You need to find the line of code which highlights the “survey box. Once you find that line, right click on it and select “Delete Item”. That particular survey box will be deleted from the screen and you can now proceed with your downloads or surfing.

Using Bypass Survey Websites : Best  survey remover tool

Just like the websites which promote these online survey for downloading, there are also some websites which helps in bypassing these online surveys. These websites are conjured by the best programmers to crack the online surveys. You won’t find any annoying pop up ads on these websites. Moreover, they adept at this task. They work efficiently and can remove the surveys from most of the files downloads. Using these websites is pretty much simple as well. All you need to do is visit the website. You will find a text box. Here you are supposed to enter the URL of survey. You can get the URL of survey in the URL bar when you are on that survey page. Simply copy and paste this URL in the text box of online survey bypass website. Press the “go” button besides the text box and you’re good to go. You will soon see the download link which was cloaked by the online survey. Below we have listed websites which you can use for bypassing online surveys.

  1. http://www.surveymasher.com
  2. http://www.surveybypass.com

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Using Bypass Survey Tools

Well, there will be a time when these online survey websites will fail to remove the online surveys. In such a case, to not find yourself lost, you can pick up a bypass survey tool. These are basically application software which are designed for the purpose of cracking the online surveys and fetch the original download link without having to complete the survey. Most of these tools are safe to use, but I would advise you to take precautions by having a good anti virus and not keeping your system at risk. Using the tool is very similar to using the website. You just need to enter the URL of survey in the software and it will do the work for you. One such bypass survey tool is Surveycash Killer.

Using Browser Extentions | Survey blocker| Survey bypass tool

Just like the websites and tools, there are also a few browser extensions which are good at the job of remove online surveys. I would any day prefer a browser extension over a website or a tool. the reason being that I would like to save the time of opening a website or opening a tool and switching tabs. If our thinking is alike, you would know how handy the browser extensions are. So, you can install bypass survey extensions in your browser. Whenever you are in the trouble of completing survey, just click on the extension button in the browser and get rid of the online surveys for downloading.

For Google Chrome, you can use this Bypass Survey Extension.

For Mozilla Firefox, you can use this Survey Remover.

Disable Javascript

If in any case the above methods do not work, you are left with the option of disabling JavaScript on the online survey page. Most of these online surveys are programmed using JavaScript and hence, disabling the JavaScript on the page will prevent any online surveys to even start. Assuming that most of you are using Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, we have mentioned few steps below to disable JavaScript in web browsers.

Google Chrome

  1. On the top right corner of the browser, toggle the button to open menu.
  2. Select and enter the “Setting”.
  3. Switch to the “Advanced Settings”.
  4. You will find something called “Content Settings” over there.
  5. Select the option which states “Do not allow any site to use JavaScript”.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Open the menu in Firefox.
  2. Select “Options” and open the “Content” tab in the box.
  3. You will see a checkbox besides JavaScript.
  4. Just uncheck that checkbox and you’re done.

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