How To Remove/Unlock Memory Card Password [5 Method]

Free Unlock Memory Card Password Remover: Gone are those days when people would use a floppy drive of the size of your palm to store data of merely a few MBs. This is the modern technological era, and today you’ll find a memory chip, with such a small size that many can’t even hold it properly. This puny sized memory card usually has the capacity to store a data of anywhere between 16 to 128 GB. The world is no more a safe place and today even a high school student would get a good night sleep only knowing that the content in his/her memory card is being locked by a custom password. But, we are human beings and we are designed to make mistakes. It may happen that you forget the memory card password. Well, how would you now claim access to the content in your memory card. The only way out here is to remove or unlock memory card password.

unlock memory card password

But, common I’m not a hot shot programmer working in an IT firm playing around with these simple problem. This is more like a can of worms for me. Well if you’re a person who can relate to the previous two lines, then you gotta relax as we completely got your back. We need to understand that here we have only to options, either to bypass memory card password, or remove memory card password. Both ways, we can get back you the access to the memory card you forgot your password for. There are a couple of ways for removing or unlocking the memory card password. We have explained each one of them in our knowledge below. You can try any of them to unlock your memory card without password.

Unlock/Remove Memory Card Password Using PC

  1. Make sure that the memory card is inside an android smartphone/tablet.
  2. Open the File Manager in your smartphone.
  3. Go to the Setting of the File Manager.
  4. Now select System Folders in the Settings.
  5. Scan through the files and you will find one of them named “mmcstore”.
  6. You need to transfer that file from your smartphone to PC/laptop.
  7. You can use any transfer mode be it Bluetooth/USB or anything.
  8. Now in your PC, right click on the file and select “Open With”.
  9. From the various options, you need to open the file with Notepad.
  10. Scan through the text in the file and you will find the password for memory card you forgot.

Unlock Memory Card Password Using Nokia Mobiles

  1. Find any E or N series Nokia mobile.
  2. Plug in your memory card into the mobile.
  3. Format the memory card using the Nokia mobile.
  4. You won’t be stopped for not knowing the password.
  5. Once the memory card is formatted, remove it and start using it in your preferred device.

Here I would like to highlight that it is always beneficial to keep a backup of all your content in the memory card. This will give your freedom to use the method we’ve mentioned above. I know you can always try method which don’t require memory card to formatted. But, we’re considering the worst case here, what if other methods don’t work for you. You won’t like to be hanging in the just to fall on the fire. Anyways, lets move on to the next method for removing memory card password.

Unlock/Remove Memory Card Password Using File Explorer (For Symbian Mobiles)

  1. Since Symbian mobiles don’t have an official file explorer, you will have to download one.
  2. Check the Symbian App Store and have a decent File Explorer installed in your mobile.
  3. Open the File Explorer and press zero(0) button to access the system files.
  4. Again you have to find out the file names “mmcstore” which contains your memory card password.
  5. Most probably the path for this file will be “sys/data/mmcstore”.
  6. Now simply open this file using any text editor or you can even transfer it to a PC.
  7. This time you will see a lot of code in the file.
  8. You specifically need to find a code like this “!TMSD02G”.
  9. Just delete that code and save the file.
  10. If you’ve made these changes in your PC then make sure to replace the old file in your memory card with the updated one.

The above method will remove the password from your memory card and you will be able to access it once again. Note that this method is exclusively for the people who forgot the password of memory card and use a Symbian mobile.

Unlock/Remove Memory Card Password By Formatting

  1. If none of the methods from the above saves your boat, then my friend you’re left with this last option.
  2. Connect the memory card with your PC.
  3. Right click on the disk drive of your memory card.
  4. Select “Format” option and start the devastating process.
  5. All the data including your password from the memory card will be deleted permanently.
  6. You will now have a fresh memory card, unfortunately without your precious data.

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Well, that’s why I’ve suggested earlier in the post that keeping a backup of your data always saves the day. Even if you forget the password for memory card, you can fearlessly format the memory card and put the backup again inside it. Or try one the methods we’ve mentioned above to remove unlock memory card password. I hope at least one of the methods work for you. In case any of them don’t help you solve the problem, I would suggest you to get it check with an expert technician near by you. Or even better grab a nice online deal to buy a new memory card and get rid of the old one.

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